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Raindrops (drable )

Title: Raindrops.Characters: Kyuhyun, Heechul, OCParing: KyuchulRating: pg

Summary: Another night. Another drop of rain. Another memory that wouldn't fade. . (I suck at summaries .____.)

There are nights when he would lie on his bed like an insomniac staring up at the white ceiling. His eyes would be fixed on the little crack above the dresser. ‘I’ll fix it next week’ Heechul would say but never gets to it. The rainy nights he would stare at the little opening and count as the water would seep through the ceiling and drip down to the little red bucket he placed above the dresser. He once even reached up to nineteen thousand and eighty two and would have gone even more if he wasn’t interrupted by the ringing of the phone.That was one of those nights the rain started to pour and the water doing its routine. , He starts to count as his thoughts drift off. The picture of the young man would come to his mind. Sculpted to perfection, every single feature from head to toe his eyes, his lips were embedded into his brain., he wasn’t sure when it stopped hurting. But then again there was no point in being hurt for something that never existed. Heechul would think about his love every night, he’d imagine the possibilities of them being together when he comes back, but then chuckle to himself knowing there was no way that it was possible. , he tucks himself a little more trying to escape from the cold breeze that came through the window.OneTwoThreeHeechul would mumble his name and sigh. His thought made his heart tighten but it meant nothing. There was the pain, but he needed that, it was the only thing that told him that he still had emotions. , Heechul remembers the lyrics of the song that Kyuhyun had sung.Kyuhyun… Four“They said saying goodbyes are painfulBut I didn’t even have time to feel thatI just thought this is the way staying composedBut I cried”And soon the tears had disappeared but he still cries. …Five...SixSeven“Can’t sleep?” A female voice says from his side wrapping her arms around Heechul and cuddling up to him. Heechul simply shakes his head. “Close your eyes baby, you’ll go to sleep.” … Eight“Mmm…” Heechul wraps his arms around the woman’s waist pulling her closer.“Tomorrow’s our one year anniversary… I don’t want my husband to be sleeping during our date.” She says chuckling sleepily. He laughs with her then closes his eyes as he hears another drop, nine.“I love you…” He says to her but an image of Kyuhyun’s face forms in his head.He sighs,. ten

The Poet's Book

Title:  The Poet's Book
Chapter: 1
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Reader
Rating: pg
Summary: What happens when a stranger reads the Poems that were personal and contained your inner most secrets.
Warnings: Fan fic takes place in the 16th century, MOSTLY everything written in here is created through MY IMGINATION. 


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rumours and roses chapter 6

Title: Rumours and Roses
Chapter: 6
Pairing: Kibum/Kyuhyun, broken!Kibum/Kyuhyun, Kyumin(main, but not yet), many others to come...
Rating: pg
Summary: Kuhyun is one of the most popular guys in school, until a romour gets out and the entire school turns on him. That isexcept for the new kid who loves pink.
Warnings: character death
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Hot n' cold chapter five

Title: Hot n' Cold (Chapter 5)
Rating: PG13 for swearing
Pairings: Chansung/Nichkhun, many more to come...
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Summary: AU, The boys are warriors, (superheroes?) with powers and SHINee and SJ are villian...blah blah...I suck at summaries.
A/N: kinda long has it been since i posted? a month?(2428 words)
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